TOM CLABOTS II 1989 II 50 mm Vision Photographer II Freezing Moments

I’m a Belgian based lifestyle photographer. Wether it’s shooting a new product, creating a look book for a fashion brand, or just shooting pictures on the street.
Photography is about chasing light. Which is exactly what I’m doing. 

I never go anywhere without a camera. I love shooting digital but it’s analog photography that keeps me sharp. I love shooting with film because it doesn’t give me the ability to shoot continuously. I love taking my time and really plan out a frame.
I try to incorporate as much of these analog techniques into my digital photography.

I'm most comfortable shooting with my 50mm lens because it resembles how I see the world. Thanks to my tunnel vision I have a more closed of view on my surroundings and that lens really captures that.

I'm always happy to make new friends, collaborate and share ideas. So feel free to get in touch 


Red Bull
Pias Belgium
Lollapalooza Berlin
SBS Belgium
NOUS - Antwerp

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